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6 Garage Sales in Texas

Location: 515 ernst ct, Spring, TX
garage sale tool and camping gear
Date(s) and Time: December 15, 2018 7:30am - 12pm
Location: 519 Teetshorn, Houston, TX
Antiques, furniture, clothes, shoes, books, etc..
Date(s) and Time: December 15, 2018 8am - 1pm
Location: 23150 FM 971, Granger, TX
Small family horse farm with house, garage and barn full of great finds in this property liquidation
Date(s) and Time: December 14-15, 2018 9am - 3pm
Location: 5710 fm 235e6th, Jacksonville, TX
Full White Set of like new appliances
Date(s) and Time: July 23 - December 31, 2018 10am - 6pm
Location: 18208 Preston Road Ste D9 #541, Dallas, TX
You can get your roof replacement and repair work done at reasonable cost with us!
Date(s) and Time: February 2, 2019 - November 2, 2020 2:20am - 1:45am
Location: 1501 S Loop 288 Suite 104 - 171, Denton, TX
Denton Roofing Company
Date(s) and Time: November 26, 2018 - November 26, 2020 10am - 1pm

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