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4 Garage Sales in Pennsylvania

Location: 47 Maberly Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Large variety, NIB and vintage
Date(s) and Time: August 25, 2018 8:30am - 3pm
Location: 2527 Broad Street, Easton, PA
moving - all must go. Don't miss out!
Date(s) and Time: August 25, 2018 8am - 3pm
Location: 5727 Library rd., Bethel Park, PA
Dance Costumes, dance apparel, woman/children clothes, furniture, arts and crafts, & vendors
Date(s) and Time: August 4-30, 2018 8am - 6pm
Location: 265 Masters Drive, Pottstown, PA
over 50 participating homes come one come all Sat, Sept 8th 730am - 5pm
Date(s) and Time: September 8, 2018 7am - 1pm

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