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5 Garage Sales in North Carolina

Location: 9829 providence rd w, Charlotte, NC
Multi-family sale event/community event
Date(s) and Time: June 2, 2018 8am - 11:30am
Location: 15 Summer Path Lane, Hendersonville, NC
Selling various items. Vintage, Household Goods, Furniture, Clothes, Crafts, Camping Equipment.
Date(s) and Time: June 2, 2018 8am - 1pm
Location: 3020 Main St., Walkertown, NC
This is our yearly fundraiser to support our Food Pantry and Clothes Closet.
Date(s) and Time: June 2, 2018 8am - 2pm
Location: 495 Country Place Dr., Boone, NC
Boone, NC Community Garage Sale - multi-family
Date(s) and Time: June 2-3, 2018 9am - 4pm
Location: McCormick St, Greensboro, NC
Health & Beauty, bath, skin care, makeup, hair care, clothing, accessories, fjewelry, home and more.
Date(s) and Time: February 27 - December 27, 2018 1am - 1am

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