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Garage Sale Tips for Sellers: Setting Up


Setting Up

In the day or so before the Garage Sale, make sure to cut your grass and clean up your lawn. If you have pets do a major cleaning the day before and a quick one again the morning of the Garage Sale. Pets should also be put into a kennel or left with a friend or at a pet day-care facility. While they may be friendly, not everyone may appreciate having them around.

Ensure you have plenty of room for your Garage Sale for people to move around. This may mean you need to block your driveway and have your customers park their cars on the street. Keep a large trash can near the entrance of your Garage Sale to prevent people from bringing trash and leaving it in your yard. If the path your customers may take has items they may trip on such as sprinkler heads, be sure to mark these. Bright blue paint tape is a good solution for these items.

Set up your Garage Sale as a regular retail store would. Organize items by category, such as clothes, kitchen, furniture, etc. When those groups have been established, place all like items together. As items begin to sell, rearrange items to keep your tables looking full and attractive.

Create a clothing rack by stringing rope between two supports or two trees. Also use cheaper wire hangers in case a customer asks to keep the hanger. Clothing should be separated into tops, pants, etc. and then organized by size. You may want to set-up a full-length mirror for customer use as well. If you don’t have any tables to use, borrow some from family or friends to make items easier to see. Playing background music throughout the day can also make the atmosphere more enjoyable.

Make sure items are easily accessible, readable and in working condition. Arrange books, CDs, and DVDs, with the titles facing outward so that customers can easily look though them. Sports equipment such as soccer balls and footballs should be blown up and battery operated items should have working batteries installed. Also, keep an extension cord handy in case potential buyers ask to see if an electrical product works. If you have kept user manuals for items, tape these to the items. If you are selling kitchen knives, rubber-band or tape them together and put the m in a clear bag to avoid people getting cut.

Place unique or quality items close to the curb, this can help attract people driving by to your Garage Sale. Group male oriented items together such as appliances or tools. This will help capture the interest of men while their girlfriends or wives are browsing through your other items.

Not in the mood to drag large items from the basement, but want to try and sell them (i.e. large furniture)? Take photos of large items and display the pictures on cardboard or poster board. If someone shows interest, have someone man the check-out table while you take the customer inside to see the item.

Set-up your check-out station near the street where your customers will be leaving. This makes it a lot less likely that someone will take an item without paying for it. Just be sure you are able to keep an eye on your Garage Sale to answer any question or help close a sale.

You've cleaned out the house, basement and garage. Now make the most money possible with our garage sale tips!