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Garage Sale Tips for Sellers: Promoting a Garage Sale


Promoting Your Garage Sale

Other than listing your sale other on, you can promote your Garage Sale by creating signs and posting them in your neighborhood. Before creating any signs, research any restrictions your community or local government may have regarding signage. Some cities may require you to obtain a permit to hang signs, restrict sign sizes or limit the number of sales a resident can have each year. There may also be specific locations which signs are prohibited. By looking into this, you can avoid having to pay costly fines which could reduce your final profit. offers premade signs which you can print at home, or you can send the file electronically to your local Kinko’s to have larger sizes printed. Cardboard is a great backing material to put behind your printed signs. The cardboard can also help keep your signs sturdy and somewhat protect them from weather elements such as wind or rain. Drawing arrows above or below the sign is a good way to make sure potential buyers can find your location if it’s in a hard to find spot. You can also add helium balloons as an attention grabber to draw a larger crowd to your Garage Sale.

Your neighborhood could have any number of Garage Sales going on in one weekend. By using the same colors and keeping the layout the same on all of your signs, you can make sure Garage Sale Hunters are following your signs rather than confusing one of your signs with someone else’s sign at the next turn. Also, if you are writing information on your Garage Sale signs, be sure an adult or someone with legible handwriting is doing this. If a potential buyer is unable to read your sign, you may lose out on a sale. Don’t forget to include the times you plan to be selling. Garage Sales are infamous for early birds and if you aren’t going to be set-up until 10am, you will want to let them know.

Never use staples or nails to attach Garage Sale signs to wooden utility poles. This can be a safety hazard for the linemen who work on these poles. They can tear safety equipment including gloves, harnesses, clothing and injury the workers themselves.

If your neighborhood doesn’t allow you to hang signs, paper bags are a good alternative. Collect some large paper bags and attach your Garage Sale signs to these. Fill them with rocks and staple shut to keep them from blowing away before placing on street corners as another option or solution.

Always remember to be environmentally friendly and take down your signs when your Garage Sale is over. If the materials you used are recyclable, try to recycle them rather than simply throwing them away. is a great resource for finding green solutions for disposing of your materials.

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