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Garage Sale Tips for Sellers: Pricing Garage Sale Items


Pricing Garage Sale Items

The first decision that needs to be made is if you are pricing items individually or setting a price for like items (i.e. All Books- $.25, Clothing- $1.00 per item, etc.). Put like items in a box or other container to avoid having them mixed into items which you are pricing out individually. Each group of items should have its own container to avoid confusion on the day of your Garage Sale. Make sure all like item containers and individual items are marked and tags are obvious to avoid answering numerous questions of “How much does this cost?”

For the items you are giving their own price, be sure to place price tags on top of the item and make it easy to find. Removable stickers for pricing and drafting tape are good solutions for price tags. Hang tags are a better option for clothing to avoid stickers losing their stickiness and falling off. The pricing tag’s size should be proportionate to the size of the item you are selling. Furniture items should have an 8½” x 11” paper with the price listed, while knick-knack items can have a smaller sticker.

Deciding how much to sell an item for can be difficult. A good pricing standard is to price items 25-33% of what you originally paid for them, depending on the current condition of the item.

If you happen to have an item which is currently popular, specifically children’s toys, make sure to make some decent money from it. By clipping an ad which shows the current sale price, customers will see what the item is worth and know they are getting a great deal. Only use this strategy on newer items, as it may backfire on other items.

Do you have lots of little items that may not sell on their own? Create grab bags at low prices with one or two items which may sell well to get rid of the other items. If you have broken items, you can do the same type of thing, only mark as free and note that the item is “broken – good for part”.

Be ready to deal. If your prices are reasonable, it's possible you can make most of your sales without going down further on the price. However, if someone makes an offer on an item that you aren't ready to come down on, offer to take their name and number in case you don't sell it during the Garage Sale.

You've cleaned out the house, basement and garage. Now make the most money possible with our garage sale tips!