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Garage Sale Tips for Sellers: Handling Garage Sale Customers


Handling Garage Sale Customers

Greet all of your customers as they approach your Garage Sale to make them feel comfortable and welcome. Treat them as you would want to be treated after entering any retail store and never insult them. After you have welcomed them, leave them alone. If you hassle them after each item they look at, they may begin to feel uncomfortable and you’ll lose the sale. Be friendly but wait for them to approach you with questions about an item they may want to purchase.

Prepare to negotiate. If it’s early and you aren’t ready to drop the price, take their name and number, and offer to contact them if the item doesn’t sell later in the day.

Garage Sales are infamous for early birds looking to find the best deals. Make sure to list the times you plan to be selling to avoid early birds if you won’t be setup until 10am.

While you want everyone to feel welcome, keep your eye out for potential thieves. Don’t stare or hover over them, just be aware.

If one of your customers requests to use your restroom, give them directions to the nearest fast-food restaurant. Always avoid letting strangers into your home if you can.

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