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Garage Sale Tips for Sellers


Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

Behind every great Garage Sale is a great plan. By organizing items up to a month in advance, preparing your advertising and finding items you need for set-up, you can be sure to have everything covered before your Garage Sale.

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Partner Up

By partnering up with other families and friends, you can increase the size of your Garage Sale. This gives you more items for hunters to search through and can help decrease advertising costs.

Communicate with Neighbors

Especially if you are having a large Garage Sale, make sure your neighbors are aware that you will have a large amount of traffic in the area the day of your Garage Sale. They will appreciate the notice and you may even gain additional sales and make more money.


Place an ad in your local newspaper the Thursday and Friday prior to your Garage Sale. This is when most hunters will be planning their stops for the upcoming weekend. You also want to make large, heavy-duty and easy to read signs to post in your neighborhood the morning of your Garage Sale. As always, don’t forget to take down any signage you post after your Garage Sale is over.

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Pricing Items

Deciding how much to sell an item for can be difficult. A good pricing standard is to price items 25-33% of what you originally paid for them, depending on the current condition of the item.

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Value Added Services

Consider selling food and beverages along with your Garage Sale items. Especially if it’s a hot day, you can make extra money by selling bottle water or sodas.

Setting Up

Set up your Garage Sale as a regular retail store would. Organize items by category, such as clothes, kitchen, furniture, etc. When those groups have been established, place all like items together on your tables and in your garage.

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Managing Money

Keep all of your money on your body in a fanny pack or something similar. This helps to reduce the risk that someone may reach into your money drawer when you may be answering questions about your Garage Sale items or distracted by completing another sale.

Drawing Attention

Place large, unique and quality items close to the curb. When people drive by your Garage Sale, this can help attract them to stop and look through the other items you are selling.


When selling, try to get the potential buyer to give you a price before you tell them how much you want. If they give you a higher price that what you were expecting, you gain the extra profit and if not, you can always turn them down.

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