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Garage Sale Stories


Jenny – Denver, CO
Living in Colorado the weather is always unpredictable. We were planning a big move and needed to clean out things as soon as possible. It was April so we thought it would be safe. The weekend we chose to hold our Garage Sale, it ended up snowing 6 inches. We still held the sale, but I’m sure we would have had a larger crowd had the weather been nicer.

Molly – Chicago, IL
I don’t usually go to Garage Sales but I’ve been getting more and more into it. This past weekend I went to a sale and found a beautiful vase that I fell in love with. After purchasing it and bringing it home, I realized the seller had placed the large tape price tag over a large crack in the side. When I tried to return it to the seller, I was told all sales are final. I always make sure to check for defects before buying anything now!

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