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Best Items to Look For at a Sale

When it comes to garage sales, you truly never know what you’re going to find! You go in blind, and hope something catches your eye. There are some items, however, that you should always be keeping in the back of your mind, and can go a long way in the future when it comes to upcycle projects, home décor, and more. So next time you’re at a sale, don’t forget to scout for the following items:


Get your hands on some vintage silverware, add a little creativity, and you’d be surprised what you can end up with. Upcycle projects can range from garden trinkets to table organizers, and its durability will leave you upcycling for generations to come. Source


Once again, the possibilities here are surprisingly diverse, and if you love rustic/ vintage looks for your home, getting your hands on some old decorative plates will prove to come in handy! DIY::Vintage Shabby Plate Stand Tutorial !


This one is almost a no-brainer: cheap fabric= cheap projects that can leave you with new curtains, newly upholstered furniture, re-furbished clothes… the list can go on and on. Lampshade


Mason Jars

Mason jar upcycle projects have gotten more creative than ever, and craft stores know it. Why pay $5/jar when some nice family would gratefully give you an entire box for half the price? Stock up and watch your candles, plants, and basically anything else that can fit get crafted into one of these babies. The Jar Junquie


Cheap wood, a million uses. Need we say more? Bring out the true up-cycler in you and add anything to your house from furniture to wall art.

This is just one of the many ways you can repurpose an old pallet! How would you recycle one? Source

Thrifting should always be first and foremost about fun and spontaneity, but going in with certain items and projects in mind can prove to be helpful in making sure you’re always ready for your next upcycle idea.

When to Know To Let Something Go

Springtime is here, and it’s finally time to clean house and hold a garage sale. So how do you decide what to part with? This handy guide will help you de-clutter and make the most of spring cleaning!

  1. When was the last time you used it?

    A good rule of thumb is that if you’ve been living without it for more than 8 months, you likely don’t need it. In the pile it goes.

  2. Does it have sentimental value?

Likely most of your items do to some extent, but ask yourself with each old science project or toy gun you decide holds an important memory: is this something that can be preserved through a photo? If so, consider adding it to the “sell” pile.

  1. How many times have you used it?

Sure, that fancy casserole dish came in handy that one time, but in reality, how often will that day come again? And wouldn’t you live without it if it did? These are the hard items to rid of for some people, but if you’re serious about downsizing, it’s time to turn into your own harshest critic.

  1. Who else could use it?

Back to the casserole dish. You might not be a baking nut, but plenty of people out there are. That pair of hiking boots you grew out of just might make some kids’ summer. One great thing about taking the steps to hold a sale, and not simply throw everything out, is that it gives your things a whole new shot at life!

  1. What do you want/need more?

A great tactic to motivate you to downsize is having a goal: what are you hoping to turn that garage sale money into? Whether it’s put towards a vacation or a new car, keeping your larger goals in sight will help you remember: there are more important things than a lot of stuff.

Downsizing is rough, but living among piles of “stuff” to constantly/pointlessly cart from house to house is rougher. If you’re determined and follow these steps ,we promise there’s no better feeling than at the end of a sale and your house is finally, FINALLY, clutter free.

7 Things All Up-Cyclers Need

When it comes to upcycling, people who partake find out something amazing as time goes on: it’s really not that hard to get into! After acquiring a few essential items, you’ll be ready to tackle most any up-cycle project that comes your way.

  1. Dremel- Most people aren’t professional wood/metal workers, and chances are you don’t have the money (or need) to buy a bulky buzz saw. Dremels come with detachable tips that can handle anything from sanding, cutting, grinding, ect., to help through those up-cycle projects that require a little more hardware than hammers and nails

  2. Industrial Glue- This is something you’ll find yourself pulling out of your garage quite often once you get into upcycling. Make sure to find one that’s weather-resistant, and suitable for many surfaces. You’ll be surprised how many projects just need a little glue!

  3. Sharp scissors- This might seem obvious, but buying a separate pair of nice, durable scissors to be used ONLY for crafts/upcycling is a must. Your everyday scissors see a lot of things that dull the blades, and preserving sharp blades for when you need them most will prove to come in handy.

  4. Acrylic Spray Sealer- You’ve just finished making something look new- you want to preserve that look for as long as possible! Spray sealer goes on most painted surfaces, and can make your new project heat and weather-proof. This is especially important for outside upcycles!

  5. Spray Paint- Once you’ve acquired a healty palette of spray paint, we guarantee upcycling ideas will start flying through your head. It’s amazing how a simple coat of paint can transform an entire dingy piece.

  6. Sand paper- Upcycling means touching old items. Old items mean wear and tear. Wear and tear means cuts/splinters. There’s nothing like realizing you can’t paint flaking wood to bring an upcycling project to a grinding halt.

  7. Patience! Upcycling should be a fun endeavor, and approached with a constantly open and creative mind. The more prepared you are the better, now get out there and see what you can transform!