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Best Items to Look For at a Sale

When it comes to garage sales, you truly never know what you’re going to find! You go in blind, and hope something catches your eye. There are some items, however, that you should always be keeping in the back of your mind, and can go a long way in the future when it comes to upcycle projects, home décor, and more. So next time you’re at a sale, don’t forget to scout for the following items:


Get your hands on some vintage silverware, add a little creativity, and you’d be surprised what you can end up with. Upcycle projects can range from garden trinkets to table organizers, and its durability will leave you upcycling for generations to come. Source


Once again, the possibilities here are surprisingly diverse, and if you love rustic/ vintage looks for your home, getting your hands on some old decorative plates will prove to come in handy! DIY::Vintage Shabby Plate Stand Tutorial !


This one is almost a no-brainer: cheap fabric= cheap projects that can leave you with new curtains, newly upholstered furniture, re-furbished clothes… the list can go on and on. Lampshade


Mason Jars

Mason jar upcycle projects have gotten more creative than ever, and craft stores know it. Why pay $5/jar when some nice family would gratefully give you an entire box for half the price? Stock up and watch your candles, plants, and basically anything else that can fit get crafted into one of these babies. The Jar Junquie


Cheap wood, a million uses. Need we say more? Bring out the true up-cycler in you and add anything to your house from furniture to wall art.

This is just one of the many ways you can repurpose an old pallet! How would you recycle one? Source

Thrifting should always be first and foremost about fun and spontaneity, but going in with certain items and projects in mind can prove to be helpful in making sure you’re always ready for your next upcycle idea.