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7 Things All Up-Cyclers Need

When it comes to upcycling, people who partake find out something amazing as time goes on: it’s really not that hard to get into! After acquiring a few essential items, you’ll be ready to tackle most any up-cycle project that comes your way.

  1. Dremel- Most people aren’t professional wood/metal workers, and chances are you don’t have the money (or need) to buy a bulky buzz saw. Dremels come with detachable tips that can handle anything from sanding, cutting, grinding, ect., to help through those up-cycle projects that require a little more hardware than hammers and nails

  2. Industrial Glue- This is something you’ll find yourself pulling out of your garage quite often once you get into upcycling. Make sure to find one that’s weather-resistant, and suitable for many surfaces. You’ll be surprised how many projects just need a little glue!

  3. Sharp scissors- This might seem obvious, but buying a separate pair of nice, durable scissors to be used ONLY for crafts/upcycling is a must. Your everyday scissors see a lot of things that dull the blades, and preserving sharp blades for when you need them most will prove to come in handy.

  4. Acrylic Spray Sealer- You’ve just finished making something look new- you want to preserve that look for as long as possible! Spray sealer goes on most painted surfaces, and can make your new project heat and weather-proof. This is especially important for outside upcycles!

  5. Spray Paint- Once you’ve acquired a healty palette of spray paint, we guarantee upcycling ideas will start flying through your head. It’s amazing how a simple coat of paint can transform an entire dingy piece.

  6. Sand paper- Upcycling means touching old items. Old items mean wear and tear. Wear and tear means cuts/splinters. There’s nothing like realizing you can’t paint flaking wood to bring an upcycling project to a grinding halt.

  7. Patience! Upcycling should be a fun endeavor, and approached with a constantly open and creative mind. The more prepared you are the better, now get out there and see what you can transform!

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