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5 Garage Sales in New Jersey

House Estate Sale
Location: 7 Homestead Ave., East Hanover, NJ
Vintage Tools, machinery, workbenches, etc.
Date(s) and Time: February 25-26, 2017 9am - 1pm
Hawthorne Christian Academy’s Vendor & Craft Expo
Location: 2000 State Route 208, Hawthorne, NJ
Handmade gifts, clothing, food, organizational tools, and more! Food Trucks and Local Entertainment
Date(s) and Time: March 18, 2017 10am - 2pm
Monster Garage Sale!
Location: 94 Championship Place, Augusta, NJ
New Jersey Herald's Monster Garage Sale! Huge indoor garage sale with tons of items! Check it out!
Date(s) and Time: March 25, 2017 8am - 3pm
Garage sale
Location: 2 Eastwood drive , Voorhees, NJ
Awesome sale with tons of stuff!
Date(s) and Time: March 25-26, 2017 10am - 6pm
Estate Sale
Location: Cancelled.....78 North Beverwyck Road, Parsippany, NJ
Sorry..This sale has been cancelled
Date(s) and Time: October 31, 2018 4pm - 5pm

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