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3 Garage Sales in Maine

Location: 61 Sunset Ave, South Portland, ME
Tupperware toys kitchenware pottery plants books art/scrap-booking supplies perfume sporting goods
Date(s) and Time: July 22-23, 2017 8am - 2pm
Location: 49 Pine Point Road, Scarborough, ME
Estate sale lots of nice furniture at fair prices.
Date(s) and Time: July 23, 2017 9am - 4pm
Location: 64 Hilltop Rd, Anson, ME
Big yard sale Fri-Sun 7/21-23 at 64 Hilltop Rd Anson 9AM – 7PM. Outside under tents so rain or shi
Date(s) and Time: July 21-23, 2017 9am - 7pm

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