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3 Garage Sales in Louisiana

Subdivision garage sale
Location: 507 Timberlane Dr, Slidell, LA
Neighborhood garage sale in Tanglewood subdivision in Central Slidell
Date(s) and Time: April 29, 2017 7:30am - 12pm
Saturday, May 6 - Copperfield Subdv. Spring Sales
Location: 101 Copperfield Way, Youngsville, LA
Many sales in one area. Large 'PLANT SALE' near pool area with .50 up indoor/outdoors plants.
Date(s) and Time: May 6, 2017 7am - 12pm
Salon receptionist desk
Location: 3200 severn ave, Metairie, LA
dark brown receptionist desk in very good condition $250 all purpose barber chair $125
Date(s) and Time: April 24 - May 24, 2017 10am - 1pm

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