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3 Garage Sales in Las Vegas, Nevada

Retired Teachers Garage Sale part 2
Location: 3268 Redwood St., Las Vegas, NV
educational books, toys, etc. for primary age children
Date(s) and Time: August 29, 2015 8am - 4pm
Moving sale!!!!
Location: 7409 manfre, Las Vegas, NV
Kitchen supplies!! Bathroom supplies!! Queen and King bedding! Toys!! Office supplies!! Cords! Tool
Date(s) and Time: August 29-30, 2015 8am - 6pm
499 down bad credit ok need 1200 a month income
Location: 4015 e desert inn road, Las Vegas, NV
499 down bad credit ok cars trucks SUVs. 499 down need 1200 a month income. Free ride to pick up car
Date(s) and Time: November 17 - December 31, 2016 6:25am - 1pm

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